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Barnard Castle Golf Club | Score Cards

Course Layout

This 6406 white tees par 73 offers a series of different tests but keep the ball straight and it is very fair.

The first hole at Barnard Castle is a short par four. Measuring just 283 (white tees) yards it eases you into the round. Play a long iron or three wood off the tee over a rise to leave you a view of the whole green and bottom of the flag. Big hitters beware there is a beck running in front of this relatively large oval green.

Hole two is a short uphill par five. A good drive should get you away on this 472 yard hole but there is out of bounds down the left. Play your second straight leaving a short third to the green.

The third is a relatively short par three made harder by the bushes in front of the target making it hard to see the bottom of the flag.

At the fourth you encounter the beck twice. It shouldn't come into play off the tee as you drive over it, watch out for the bunker on the left edge of the fairway. Right side opens up your approach over the beck to a long green.

Negotiate the par four fifth and it's on to the second par five. The stroke index 2 sixth hole is 534 yards and a narrow fairway flanked by trees makes driving accuracy crucial. Play your second to a wider landing zone and it's a short third to a wide target.

The 433 yard seventh requires a good drive past the elbow of the dog leg for the best approach. Another par three follows before you finish the outward half with a par five.

The ninth is a straightforward hole that should be played as a three shotter. A good tee shot will leave a mid-long iron second. This is the best option as those going for the green in two may well be down a hollow - or the burn and with no chance of seeing the pin on a green that slopes left to right.

Start the back nine with the stroke index one 424 yards par four. The hole dog legs to the left with trees lining the whole left edge of the fairway. Right gives you the best view of a long green.

The par three 11 measures 165 yards but is slightly uphill and with bunkers left and right, club selection to this two tier green is vital.

Another short par four (308 yards) greets you on the 12 th . Aim away from the huge overhanging tree and rough to the left. A good tee shot down the right will leave just a wedge to this smallish green but watch out for the burn to the right of the target.

Play back away up the course at 13 the first of back-to-back par fives. A huge bunker lurks down the right to catch any strayed tee-shot. A good straight second shot away from more trees and another trap on the right will leave a little flick to another long green.

Fourteen is reachable in two for the big boys. A wide open fairway allows you to let loose with a big drive over a rise. Hit the short stuff and it's a long iron or fairway wood to a wide green and a birdie chance.

The 15 th is trickier than it looks. At 368 yards, your drive needs to avoid out of bounds down the left and a bunker either side of the fairway. Right opens up the green as you fire over the burn to the green.

Sixteen is another birdie chance. A right angle dog leg this gives you two options off the tee. Go for the corner with the big stick and leave just a flick over the burn to a big green or play an iron to the corner of the dog leg leaving a short iron approach. Either way should give you a good birdie chance.

The 17 th is a tight driving hole. A host of trees await down the right while another over-hanging tree makes it difficult to shoot down the left. A slight draw is ideal to leave you in the centre of a narrow fairway and a short iron over the burn yet again to a wide, receptive green.

Finish with a par three. At 211 yards it's a tough closing hole requiring a long iron or wood to reach the green. Bunkers left and right mean your tee shot has to be accurate, if it's short but straight there's a chance it will run down the little slope on to a long green.

Hole Yards Yards Par S.I. Yards Par S.I.
1 283 276 4 16 246 4 13
2 472 433 5 8 399 5 11
3 162 144 3 18 130 3 16
4 351 341 4 12 303 4 7
5 357 347 4 6 327 4 5
6 534 499 5 2 468 5 2
7 433 422 4 4 383 4 3
8 177 168 3 14 139 3 17
9 484 470 5 10 419 5 9
10 424 409 4 1 396 4 1
11 165 142 3 9 127 3 8
12 308 293 4 15 266 4 18
13 537 529 5 3 438 5 4
14 474 459 5 17 421 5 12
15 368 356 4 7 251 4 14
16 328 292 4 13 284 4 10
17 338 327 4 5 279 4 6
18 211 159 3 11 162 3 15
In 3153 2966 36 2642 36
Out 3253 3100 37 2814 37
Total 6406 6066 73 5438 73